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Manchester, Music and Starting to Look Forward

by Loz Kaye , Musical Director MLGC

Crowds in Albert Square for Manchester Attack Vigil

[Photo courtesy of Manchester Evening News]

At MLGC we know the power of music and song. The power to express what's in a community's heart, the power to share love, the power to share joy. The sheer horror of the attack on people coming from a concert at Manchester Arena has left us reeling, horrified. An attack on children enjoying the sharing of music doesn't bear thinking about.

Our thoughts are with those who have been lost, the injured, the bereaved and the wider family of this city we love so much.

As the world's press start to pack up their cameras our thoughts are starting to turn to where we go from here. There will be tough days ahead even after the focus has moved on. But the sense of Manchester coming together has been profoundly moving. The support we have received as a city has been truly touching - and really important.

I'd like to thank everyone who has sent us at the choir kind messages, particularly from Orlando who know the impact of tragic events. These supportive thoughts mean more than I can say.

Martyn HettWe've felt the importance of the LGBT+ community in these days too. The loss of Martyn Hett has been felt as keenly as the determination to celebrate his life. As a community we are all too acquainted with loss. But we are defiant, joyous and seize life and hold it close. It may sometimes seem all too small a response in the face of giant events, but no-one will stop us. Our history tells us that.
[Photo courtesy of Instagram]

The response to the attack has so often involved music. Because again- that is the power of song. To unite, to comfort, to express what is in the heart. "Don't Look Back in Anger" has become Manchester's response to hate.

We choose not to be divided or to give in to hate. We choose to look forward, however hard and long that may take.

And we sing.